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Shaf Yativ: Synagogue in ancient Babel, made of stones from the Temple "which was ruined and re-built and always had holy spirit in it" (Rashi Rosh Hashana 24)
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Highest Professional Standards

We are committed to bring our participants the best professional assistance available

To that end we have:
  • Social Workers on Staff
  • Leading Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Workers as advisors
  • Partnered with Israel's top universities and mental health professionals
  • Been featured in professional venues
  • Remained on the cutting edge of social research

Highest Religious Standards

Although our student population is diverse, many of our students come from Ultra Orthodox backgrounds and would not trust, or fully cooperate with a program that is not committed to the highest standards of laws and traditions.

To maintain those standards and trust that we have:
  • Accredited Rabbis on staff
  • Traditional Yeshivah learning settings
  • Top advisors from the religious community
  • Diversified learning

We use traditional Beit Midrash learning environment as a framework for cognitive and spiritual rehabilitation. We go out on trips and many other communal activities as tools for social rehabilitation. Finally, we accompany our participants on their Journey to Recovery and Independence by giving them customized support as they integrate into regular learning or work settings.
To promote the independence and integration into society of people dealing with mental illness by means of social rehabilitation and work placement. To help them achieve a better quality of life. To help them find and reach their goals.
In recent years, there has been a growing awareness within Israeli society of the fundamental importance for individuals with severe mental illnesses to integrate within the community.  Not only has it been recognized that integration is an important component in the healing of the mental illness itself, but in the process it can provide the opportunity, actually the motivation, to live a normal life, achieve goals never before dreamed attainable.  Shaf Yativ has been created as a place of hope, our aim is to assist our students in breaking the mold and give them basic tools that will help them integrate into society.